Archive: TIP: Shrinking / Saving / Compressing your big digital images

Update – 3 May 2008 – IrfanView now has a batch save/edit mode that you can use to achieve a similar result…


In order to share (via email or web page etc) your digital photos, you really should compress them (and shrink them a bit too) first.

One of the easiest ways is to use a freeware application called IrfanView. It’s great to use for viewing slideshows, and doing basic image editing (such as cropping, resizing, saving to different formats etc). It’s only like 800 KB so it’s small as well…

You can then use it’s command line options to make a simple bat file, that will take all files in a directory, shrink them a bit, knock down the compression quality and re-save them into a sub directory. I use the following bat file (which you can simply place in any directory that you want to shrink the files in).

@echo off
set IViewDir=C:\Program Files\IrfanView
set CurDir=%cd%
set OutDir=%CurDir%\web "%IViewDir%\i_view32" "%CurDir%\*.jpg" /resize=(0, 600) /aspectratio /jpgq=75 /convert="%OutDir%\*.jpg"
@echo on

This will put save all jpeg’s in a directory into a subdirectory called “web” (same filenames), change the jpeg quality to 75%, and resize the image to 600 pixels high (and width will scale according to the original aspect ratio).


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