Getting back amongst it…

I was at least temporarily a blogger, but then it kind of just fizzled out – largely due to blog spam and laziness at upgrading our ancient version of dotText. There were at least a few decent technical posts on there, but sadly I don’t lack the patience to work out how to export/import the feeds over to here.

I also had a short stint as a ghost writer/drafter on a blog that shall remain nameless…

I’ve decided to call it Left Lobe Logic in honour of the left cerebral hemisphere of the human brain which is where a majority of a software developer’s key skills would appear to originate. The irony is that hopefully the very act of blogging here can help exercise my right side too!

So, as with any new venture I think its best to always define your lofty ideals (we’ll call these goals or even my vision statement) then, based on some learning in a future post I’ll outline a few resolutions.

  1. To achieve continuous self learning through blogging and reflection
  2. Share my .net development experiences
  3. Share code that may help other developers
  4. Increase my connection to the development community

Cheers! I guess we’ll see how I do in round two!



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